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Treatment with Naftalan is a potent and effective therapy.

70 diseases, including musculoskeletal and nervous diseases, skin, blood vessels, female and male diseases. Because of the unique therapeutic properties of naphthalan, the treatment contributes to the reabsorption of inflammatory processes, reduces pain, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Currently, the treatment with naphthalene is carried out with the help of the most recent methods: distilled naphthalene, naphthalene fractions and naphthalan hydrocarbons in combination with heat and ultraviolet irradiation.

Sanatorium Naftalan offers a modern treatment with naphthalan baths (common, sedentary, chamber) and lubricants based on naphtha, followed by heating with a Sollux lamp. For baths is used original mothball (natural) and for lubrication, even mothballs without resin (purified). The decanted naphthalene does not irritate the mucous membranes, therefore, it is used successfully both on the skin and in the form of tampons and baths, as well as to lubricate the mucous membranes of the gums, the throat, the nose and the ultraphonophoresis in the form of inhalations of oil.

Naftalan treatment

The total duration of treatment is up to 20 days. During this period, patients take 10-15 sessions of baths with mandatory pauses, under the supervision of medical specialists.

Naftalan baths last from 8 to 10 minutes. The patient is placed in a bath filled with mothball oil, heated to a temperature of 37 to 38 ° C. Through the pores the oil penetrates into the blood and then returns with sweaty secretions. At the same time, along with the sweaty secretions, come out all the harmful substances for the body. Next, the patient must wash the oil in the shower and go to bed, as the process of releasing the oil with harmful substances will continue in addition to the baths.

Naftalan lubricants are prescribed for a specific part of the body, depending on the disease. The body area is lubricated with a preheated mothball and heated by a Solux lamp from a distance of 75-100 cm for a duration of 10-20 minutes. The course of treatment is 15 to 20 procedures.

In addition to bath and lubrication, the treatment of mothballs includes:

Vaginal swabs - cotton swabs, abundantly moistened with dextrinated mothball 50 - 55 ° C, which are inserted into the vagina for 45 - 60 min. In the course of treatment 15 to 20 swabs; Rectal microclysms (12 to 20 ml each); Degfected naphthalene ulcerophoresis (naphthalan is used as a contact substance).

To increase the effectiveness of treatment with naphthalan is carried out in a complex with additional procedures, which are selected and prescribed individually after a detailed examination. For the exams in the sanatorium there is a modern functional diagnostic room, a clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratory.


Procedures applied in the sanatorium:

 Naftalan Baths; iodine-bromine baths; Naftalan applications; Naftalan pads; paraffin treatment; hand massage; vibromassage; physical therapeutic training; underwater extension; physiotherapy of the apparatus

Treatment with Naftalan is effective for a number of diseases:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal system:
Rheumatic arthritis and polyarthritis; gouty polyarthritis; Brucella polyarthritis; post-traumatic polyarthritis; deforming arthrosis; spinal osteochondrosis; spondylosis of the vertebral column; Ankylosing spondylitis; myositis, myalgia, bursitis, tendovaginitis, myofascitis, etc.

Diseases of the peripheral nerve:
Neuritis; neuralgia; sciatica; plexiti

Diseases of the peripheral nerve:
Erasing endartermitis and spilled arteriosclerosis of the lower limbs; varicose veins of the lower limbs; thrombophlebitis of the superficial and deep veins of the lower limbs; Raynaud's disease

Skin diseases:
Psoriasis; eczema; neurodermatitis; allergic dermatitis

Gynecological diseases:
Inflammatory diseases of the female genital sphere (adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis, parametrite, perimetrite, metritis, etc.); ovarian dysfunction; primary and secondary sterility; pelvic peritoneal adhesions

Chronic prostatitis
Treatment with Naftalan is performed outside the disease exacerbation stage.


The Chenot Gabala Center is a structure of excellence that offers personalized medical, aesthetic and diet programs and treatments. In the Chenot Gabala Center it is possible to follow preventive programs and specific treatments aimed at energy recovery, cell regeneration, weight loss and rejuvenation, according to an integrated medical-scientific approach.

Located in a luxury hotel and resort, the Centro Chenot Gabala has been awarded by the international press with the most prestigious awards.

Organized in departments within which highly qualified doctors and therapists operate, they are divided into 3 categories.


The Detoxsi program is based on the principle of organic detoxination: a deep cleansing of the body to free it from the waste that also accumulates due to a life and an irregular diet.
It provides a personalized detoxifying nutritional program, and energy, hydro-energetic and specific draining treatments to rebalance circulation and energy flows.

The individually planned care is accompanied by the constant monitoring of specialized medical personnel.

Who is it for?

Dedicated to those who have overweight problems, with all the consequences that derive from the problems of posture and joint, to circulatory and cardiac problems. For those with stress problems and disorders related to them: hypertension, anxiety and depression, skin diseases, cardio-cerebro-vascular and muscular disorders, sexual disorders, sleep and digestive.


The energy program is a program for those who need to recover the essential energy to balance their vitality.
It provides an individual nutritional program. Includes integral care treatments further expanded by a daily program of physical exercises with personal trainers and groups.

The individually planned care is accompanied by the constant monitoring performed by the specialized medical personnel.

Who is it for?

Bad eating habits and a lifestyle that does not respect our genetic heritage could affect our health. Prevention aims to reduce these risks.

The treatment is programmed for anyone who wants to restore a good level of energy and vitality often threatened by stress, anxiety, improper nutrition and sleep disorders.

Also dedicated to those who feel overweight and tired and who would like to restore a healthy lifestyle.


The regenerating program fights the aging process that proceeds in a well-defined way and its negative effects start to be evident after the age of thirty-five. It slows the general metabolism and therefore the activity of the thyroid hormones.
Not only that, with advancing age, the sex hormones decrease, they slow down the digestive functions, they dehydrate the tissues and the muscles and joints are stiffened, the functioning of the immune system decreases, which struggles to recognize the infectious agents, reacting only partially against them, toxins accumulate between the cells.

The regenerating anti-age treatment includes a hormone analysis, specific for men or women, an examination of the body composition that measures fat and lean mass and bone density. The detoxifying or energetic diet will be established according to the individual needs of each. The individually planned care is accompanied by the constant monitoring performed by the specialized medical personnel.

Who is it for?

Today modern anti-aging medical science offers solutions and products able to slow down aging processes, giving the body a new youth. The program is recommended for anyone who wants to be guided through the main concepts of the aging process, for those who have hormone imbalances and want to restore the natural balance of their body.